Things to know about Buying Land

Barrett Township PA

More and more people are looking to Northeastern Pennsylvania as a great place to buy real estate, but some of them still worry about what they might ignore regarding this land. This region is rich in natural resources and culture, which is exactly one of the reasons it has registered a huge residential and also commercial boom.

Besides being a natural and cultural treasure, the region is attracting new habitants that are buying houses – to live in, to vacation or to restore – or buying land to build from scratch. If you’re one of the interested in moving or investing in the region, there’s some things you need to know. One of the issues that provide more problems is the sewage permits.

The Pennsylvania sewage system has very specific rules that you need to obey in order to get a sewage permit. These rules change according to the system you’re in, but you’ll always need a minimum amount of usable soil and pass some tests. If your permit is denied, the better way to fix it is understand why. Be aware that a denial doesn’t mean that the tested property isn’t suitable for the system you intend to implement.

First, you need to be sure that the entire property was tested and what are the available sewage options: an alternate system, putting your system in another property or consider the use of a community system or of another kind of system that doesn’t need soil to renovate the effluent.

You can also consider correcting the property’s flaws by creating more soil. The rules allow it if you only add more soil to the ground, but beware of the risks. You must be sure that the extra soil is not contaminated with redoximorphic features. Moreover, be sure you’re adding enough soil to correct the problem and that you place it in the right way. We recommend that you hire a specialist to help you with this.

All other property flaws can be corrected, so that you can build with safety and obeying all the rules of the system of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Remember that it’s not the town’s obligation to get you a sewage license. Also, it’s not a duty of the Township Sewage Enforcement Office to determine where the testing will take place. Finally, the Pennsylvania law requires that you warn the Pennsylvania One – Call System at least three days before burying utilities.