Penn Estates

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Nestled within the mountainous subdivisions of the Northeastern Pennsylvania region, Penn Estates is the community in which the property is located, playing suitable permanent host to the lovely acre.

Penn Estates makes for the ideal escape from the rush and buzz of the city, with clean air and natural surroundings that form part of the Pocono Mountains, the major distinguishing factor of the Penn Estates subdivision. The community is located in the heart of all the beauty and splendor nature has to offer, against the backdrop of a plush, natural forest that is teeming with various fauna and flora.

Although seemingly located deep within the confines of forest land and secluded mountainous features, Penn Estates is a thriving community that is really only a stone’s throw away from essential and leisure services and it also has very easy access to some of the bigger routes, including the likes of PA33, 80 and PA611.

That real community feel is by no means one of the sacrifices of leaving the city life behind, with a real sense of community induced by actual community members serving Penn Estates as volunteers, making up the Directors’ Board and several other community committees. It is a service for the people of Penn Estates, by the people of Penn Estates, making it that much more valuable.

Penn Estates community members enjoy an idyllic family friendly and family oriented environment, which is shaped by those very community members making up the maintenance, public safety and administrative staff.

With its very close proximity with all the services a modern day city life offers, complementing the natural setting that reinforces community amenities such as pools, basketball/tennis courts and lakes, Penn Estates makes for the ultimate temporary or permanent retreat from the fast city life, providing an unparalleled, great quality of life.