435 Deborah Drive, East Stroudsburg, PA

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Northeastern Pennsylvania is filled with mountain subdivisions near hiking trails and fishing streams. Many are built around lakes for use by community residents. This lovely acre is located in a community called Penn Estates.

435 Deborah Drive


Bearing the address of Deborah Drive 435, East Stroudsburg, PA, this property’s location is integral to the Monroe County Penn Estates Community, one of the many mountainous subdivisions that are characterized by an impressive collection of hiking trails, fishing streams and lakes.

Officially known as Penn Estates Section C4, the location of the property is ideal for its land use earmarked for development. The property is  ideal for permanent domestic residence however, given the nature of its location that is close enough to all which a modern city would have to offer. Shopping malls, hospitals, schools and many other essential and leisure service areas are only within a  a 3-mile radius away from the property, mostly in a south easterly direction and access to the connecting major routes in the area is simple.

The property falls within Stroud Township, with largely untouched natural surroundings which add to the value of the property.

By way of utilities, the property offers access to a public gas source, a public electric source, public water source and a public sewer source as well, even though the location is somewhat charmingly remote in appearance.

This property epitomizes the characteristic mountainous landscape of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s thriving communities, occurring on a rather sizable chunk of land that covers .44 acres.

Ownership of this property allows direct access to the volunteer-run organizations that are responsible for the governing of administration, 24 hour security for all community members and maintenance, which means gives the owner pretty much everything that a property owner needs.