Question: How will this land be sold?
Answer: The lot will be sold to the person making the highest acceptable offer. The property has a listing price, but you can offer any amount you feel comfortable with. Kind of like eBay. The owner will consider all offers submitted.

Question: Is the lot buildable?
Answer: The lot has all utilities already available including, sewer, water, electric, etc. It even has a driveway roughed in.

Question: How do I make an offer?
Answer: Offers are handled by the Realtor for the property. Offers and questions can be addressed to…

Question: Up until when do I have to make an offer?
Answer: The property will be offered until July 30th 2014. You can make an offer any time during that period.

Question: Suppose I make a good offer would you consider selling it to me before the 30th?
Answer: Absolutely! If we agree on price, I will end the sale early.