Recreational Dream

03 mt minsi from mt tammany

When the urge and the call of the wild comes a-calling there is no other place that allows you to answer that call like the Poconos. Pocono which means “stream between two mountains,” encompasses an area of approximately 2300 square miles of majestic mountains, rushing rivers, picturesque lakes and cascading waterfalls.  There you can also enjoy campfire rituals which stimulate the palette.

There are so many activities to do and so much fun to be had as you peruse the natural beauty of the wild Pocono mountain range. Why not amble along the trails, or explore the depths of the ravines and scale the countless mountain ranges of this untapped piece of paradise.

It’s an outdoors persons dream to answer the call of nature on the scale that the Poconos offers. For the avid fisherman or the seasoned angler the Poconos is a dream come true. You can fish to your heart’s desire not hitting the same lake twice. The breathtaking setting of this picturesque plateau is the lure that will keep you coming back, along with the bounty of fish you catch.

So you don’t like fishing? That’s Ok because the Poconos have boundless activities to choose from. Put on your hiking boots and get going.  From the Appalachian Trail which demarcates the southern border of the Poconos, to the many other trails with magnificent view of waterfalls and valleys offering enchanting views of flora and fauna. Get a glimpse of the wildlife as they scamper from view or the birds with their beautiful plumage as they parade for your viewing pleasure.

Rafting in the Poconos is an exhilarating experience that is perfect to share with loved ones. The unique experience is made possible by the regular dam releases that keep the rivers flowing. You can choose the challenge of the hair-raising rapids and cascading waterfalls which empty out into huge swimming holes. Should that option be too hectic for you, you can choose a calm tube or raft ride.

Hunting is another reason for spending copious amounts of time in the Poconos. Hunting is governed by the statutes set forth by the Pennsylvanian Game Commission. All laws and provisions must be strictly adhered too to preserve the equilibrium of nature.

So if you are ready to enjoy the tamer side of the wild, make a date and gorge yourself on the wholesome goodness that a trip to the Poconos has to offer.